• LionCage Defender is the easiest to use automated vulnerability and computer health reporting testing system on the market. Our comprehensive proactive solution is simple enough for the home user and robust enough for the techie. Do NOT risk the reputation of your business! Sign up for LionCageDefender and you will never turn back! Hackers want your data, - Don't let them get it! Use coupon code LionCage10 to save 10% off your initial invoice.

LionCageDefender.com is the leading penetration testing and auditing service used by webhosts and IT professionals across the globe. Our automated scanning tools, and in depth, easy-to-read reports assist our clients with securing their environment. LionCageDefender.com is proud to be one of the only companies that offers cost-effective, subscription based pricing models to help defend everything from smartphones to servers and computers to clouds. Our one-step solution also includes vulnerability and network intrusion detection as well as free website malware detection.

LionCageDefender's custom built penetration testing system assists our customers in helping to ensure their Servers, Websites, PCs, Clouds and Mobile devices remain compliant with strict security privacy regulations such as HiTech, HIPAA and SOX.

LionCageDefender not only provides automated vulnerability and penetration testing but our easy to use system will notify you in the event your server, website or cloud go down as well will inform you of internal device failures including drivers issues in addition to pending Windows, Firewall and Anti-Virus updates.

With pioneers in the computer security industry heading up our offices, our team has been providing IT solutions since 1997. We are proud to be a fully insured, New York based company and all of our servers located within the United States. To learn more about us and our products, please review the links below and signup for our 7 day Free Trial. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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