LionCage Data Security Solutions, based in the financial capital of the world, New York, not only understands but lives and breathes data security. LionCage provides leading data security solutions for both your physical data security needs as well as your digital/online data needs.

LionCage Data Security divisions are divided between:

LionCage Shredding

Our shredding division is NAID AAA Certified shredding solution provider. Our trucks provide onsite document, x-ray and film shredding as well as hard drive destruction. We are licensed by New York City’s Business Integrity Commission to provide onsite document destruction across NYC. When you need to know your documents and hard drives are permanently destroyed, LionCage Shredding is the answer.

LionCage Backup

Our easy to use, automated, secure online data backup and disaster recovery solution has been providing clients with secure data backup service since 2007 under the brand name of LionCage stores your data on a replicated server farm to help ensure your data is there when you need it. Rebranded as loaded with new features such as local backup, automated DR failover and support for ESXI and HyperV support, LionCageBackup is the only answer for reliable online backup.

LionCage Defender

Our Defender solution is THE affordable “good guy ethical hacking” vulnerability and penetration testing solution. Defender tests out your servers, clouds, websites, mobile devices and desktops finds their vulnerabilities and reports back to you on what we found and how to secure those security holes. Hacking and identity theft is everywhere; don’t risk your clients or patients data! In addition to notifying you of potential security breaches LionCage will notify you via email or SMS if your PBX, server, website, or cloud go offline as well as of the internal health of your devices (such as low ram, drive or driver errors and more).


LionSync is our new Hybrid file sharing platform. LionSync provides a full audit track with complete permission control alongside full disaster recovery preparation. LionSync goes where no other “syncing” platform has gone before.

Implementing LionCage solutions within your home or office environment will allow you to sleep well knowing that the professional, licensed data security teams at LionCage are providing top of the line, cutting edge data security solution to help ensure that your environment remains secure. LionCage provides both direct to end user security solutions as well as solutions to resellers and IT solution providers via our multiple partner programs.

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