• LionCage Backup is the easiest to use, robust hybrid local and online data backup system on the planet. Providing backup services since 2007, our system is proven to provide a 100% restore rate. LionCage Backup is simple to use and offers backup agents for virtually every environment. Encrypted and compressed prior to transfer, your security is our priority! Signup today and use coupon code LionCage10 to save 10% off of your initial invoice.

LionCageBackup.com makes it easy to backup your business. We do not charge your for our software, we do not charge you by how many servers you backup and we do not charge you by bandwidth used. We charge you strictly by storage space. No Games, No Catches. All Business Vaults include:

  • Software for all major server operating systems including - Microsoft Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, Microsoft NT Server Products and SBS 2010!
  • Agents to backup all major server applications including - Microsoft Exchange Server 2000-2007, Microsoft Sql Server, Lotus Server, Domino Server, Oracle Server products.
  • Unlimited Retention Allowing you to go back as far in time as you would like to retrieve an older version of a file
  • Remote Setup and Installation of Software available!
  • In Delta Technology, allowing you to only backup parts of a file that changed, instead of a whole file.
  • Log Monitoring Service - Where we monitor your logs and notify you of the error and/or repair the issue
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annually hard copies via DVD available.
  • Overnight External Hard Drive or DVD of data in the event of a disaster

LionCageBackup.com has multiple servers with multiple power sources and multiple connections to the Internet to ensure reliability and helping to ensure that your data will be available in the event of catastrophe. We built our system to be completely encrypted and secure. All encryption is done on the LOCAL PC, meaning the machine that stores the initial information. When the data leaves your server/pc it is encrypted with the password that you set, when it reaches our servers, the data is meaningless to anyone without the password that only YOU know. When the software is downloaded in the case of a restore, the encryption key (password) is REQUIRED so that you can decrypt the restore. Only YOU have access to the encryption keys, from the server level the data is meaningless without the key. You can rest assured that your data is secure and backed up in multiple locations.

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