About Us

LionCage is your ONLY solution for data and physical document and drive security. LionCage solutions were built from the ground up by professionals across the globe to ensure that you are utilizing easy to use, cutting edge technology. Using LionCage you can sleep well at night, assured that our team is constantly updating our products and sites to offer you the leading data security solutions. Don’t risk the reputation of your business!

The Name

When we were thinking of a strong name that can represent strength and security we considered a number of options, some funny, some serious, some not relevant, however when our CEO brought up the name LionCage we all knew that was the answer. Lion represents strength while Cage represents both how we secure your data (server cage), as well as stored documents in our well protected, caged storage facilities and of course how we protect your shredded documents and drives.
LIONCAGE = strength & Security
When utilizing our services, whether it is via our external security solution “LionCageDefender” or via paper shredding, paper scanning, or online backup you can rest assured your data is protected by the LION!

The right people

about-v2-team-eliEli Rowe, our CEO is a serial entrepreneur with an eye for starting and developing services technologies for emerging markets. Eli graduated Summa Cum Laude with a business degree from Touro College. As a commercial pilot, volunteer rescue paramedic and philanthropist, Eli is always on call to assist those in need. Residing in Queens, NY, nothing really makes Eli happier than spending time with his wife and two sweet daughters and hyperactive sons. Facebook LinkedIn about-v2-team-motiMoti Mitteldorf, our CTO has an eye for online opportunities and has developed our online data backup and security applications as well as our respective websites. Moti went to college in New York, and lives and breathes IT and marketing trade shows. Moti works hard to give back to the community opportunities he was afforded and volunteers with organizations that help adults and children fighting terminal illnesses. Facebook LinkedIn