• LionCage is your ONLY solution for data and physical document and drive security. LionCage solutions were built from the ground up by professionals across the globe to ensure that you are utilizing easy to use, cutting edge technology. Using LionCage you can sleep well at night, assured that our team is constantly updating our products and sites to offer you the leading data security solutions. Don't risk the reputation of your business!

We are licensed, certified, and insured.
  • LionCage is a licensed Document Shredding Company in New York State. Lic. # 15810153000
  • LionCage is licensed in NYC by the Business Integrity Commission, Lic. # 4480 - a certification requirement which many shredding companies lack.
  • LionCage is bonded and insured – above and beyond the industry standards.
  • LionCage is NAID AAA Certified - the highest available standard offered in the industry.
  • LionCage is on-site, and on-time!
  • LionCage offers our clients a free NAID training for employees.
  • LionCage provides all the shredding consoles and bins free of charge to recurring clients.
It is Secure
  • Shredding takes place in our state-of-the-art shredding trucks at your location before it leaves your control.
  • All of our trucks are equipped with enclosed automatic bin tippers, eliminating any personal physical contact with your documents before they are destroyed.
  • You may witness the entire process. We encourage our customers to come down to the truck and witness the destruction on our on-board CCTV monitor.
  • A Certificate of Destruction is provided as proof that your documents were destroyed.
  • All associates are thoroughly screened prior to being hired by going through rigorous criminal, civil, credit and driving background checks, as well as continued alcohol and drug screening.
  • LionCage is fully insured and bonded.
It is Customer Service
  • LionCage is on time. Whether you need scheduled service or a one-time purge, LionCage will be there.
  • Our service is fast. With our high capacity industrial shredders, we are in and out of your offices very swiftly.
  • All of our associates are friendly and informed. Each one is insured and bonded for your protection. They wear company uniforms and always wear their ID.
It is Easy
  • There is no need to remove staples, paper clips, binder clips, file folders or report covers. LionCage can shred it all.
  • There are no dirt, paper dust, noise, clean up, bag changes or other shred-it-yourself headaches. We take care of everything for you – even recycling.
  • We monitor and track your container use and make ongoing recommendations to ensure the most efficient and economical document shredding plan for your business.
  • We will always tailor our services to meet your needs.
  • We can also shred directly from your file drawers or file storage boxes.
  • We provide itemized invoices monthly.
  • No contract is required for service. Beware of the companies that require you to sign an iron-clad contract, locking ou in with them for a 24 months period.
It is Cost Effective
  • LionCage is significantly less expensive. LionCage can shred in minutes what would take hours or days to do with an office shredder, freeing up your staff and increasing your office productivity.
    • We provide security containers free of charge.
    • We reduce your liability by helping you to be in compliance with privacy laws.
It is Socially and Environmentally Responsible
  • All shredded paper is recycled, reducing landfills and saving trees.
  • At the end of each year, upon request we will send you a certificate for the amount of trees your recycled documents helped save.
  • Ensures that sensitive information is destroyed in a regular and timely manner.
  • Demonstrates respect and gives priority to protecting the privacy of both your and your clients' personal information.
  • "At SeniorCare EMS our patients privacy is of paramount importance and taken extremely seriously by every single employee.

    LionCage has been an invaluable vendor in assuring that any and all PHI data is protected or destroyed according to NAID standards.

    LionCage comes to our multiple locations with their state-of-the-art vehicles and destroys all our sensitive data on site in front of us and we love that they are environmentally friendly!

    LionCage is responsibe, reliable and honest and we would highly recommend LionCage for any shredding or data security needs."

    Michael S. Vatch, CEO
    SeniorCare Emergency Medical Services, Inc.
    700 Havemeyer Avenue, Bronx, NY 10473
  • "I wanted to take a moment to share my experiences with LionCage.

    At CAH we take the privacy of our students incredibly seriously. LionCage has taken care of our on-site shredding and data security for over a year and is always reliable, professional and fairly priced. We get a Certificate of Destruction every time they come and their equipment is state of the art.

    Thank you LionCage for protecting our most valuable asset, our students confidential data!"

    Robert Zeitz, EMT-P
    Associate Director of Operations, Center for Allied Health
    Brooklyn, NY
  • "As an accountant, the greatest nightmare is the loss of a client's information. A couple of weeks ago, my computer crashed and all information on the hard drive was lost. Weeks of work disappeared, which would cost much time and money to begin all over again.

    For the last 6 years I have been using LionCage Backup to backup all files on my computer. I knew it ran every night automatically; but never paid attention to it. I never thought the day would come when it would save the day. It passed the test with flying colors...all my data was safely restored and I was able to continue working without much delay.

    Moti and his team are at the top of the class. The restore went seamlessly and any concerns were addressed in a professional manner. The program is easy to use, from setup to restore, is secure, and has great technical support. Yes, there are other backup companies out there, but none can compare to LionCage Backup."

    Uri Schuster
    President, Financial Support Services
    Monsey NY
  • "LionCage Backup is the best online backup provider. I tried Mozy and Carbonite and they don't come close to meeting my online backup demands. Document retention and ease of use are my number one priorities. LionCageBackup.com meets those requirements with five stars. The flexibility that LCB offers in document retention makes it easy for me to retain weekly, monthly and even yearly backups. And if I have a support question, they answer the phone or are back to me within a few minutes. I couldn't be more reassured that my documents and data are safe. Many thanks for the great product and service."

    Richard Stelma
    Avanti Env
  • "My clients have been using LionCage Backup for over 4 years and the peace of mind that I and they have is amazing. When we need a backup restored or we need support they are there. There are not many service companies out there like LionCage Backup."

    Sam Hirsch
    SMY Consulting

    "We have been using LionCage Backup for over six years. We have always been happy with their actual backup system as well as their customer service."

    S Friedman
    Reismans Bakery
  • "As an MSP, we have many types of clients with many different backup needs. LionCageBackup.com was the clear choice for our business and clients. Being able to back up Exchange, SQL, and open files was crucial. Not only that, but the support we receive from the folks at LionCageBackup.com has been second to none. They proactively monitor our backups and have alerted us to things we overlooked and recommend best practices. They aren't just a vendor, they are a partner."

    Todd Eldgie
    Eldgie Consulting
  • "We have been using LionCage Backup for several years and find it very easy to deploy and use. The interface is exceptionally easy to manage. On the rare occasion I have had to restore files the process has been very quick and efficient. Doug Arnold Facilities and Tech. Services Sup. City of Tipp City, Ohio 937-506-3182"

    Doug Arnold

    "LionCageBackup.com has been our trusted backup system for the last 2.5 years. It has proven itself to be both reliable and consistent time and again. We have successfully recovered documents and SQL data with ease. I wish all solutions we use could be as worry free as this one."

    Stephen Unterberg
    Thruway Consulting, LLC.
  • "LionCage Backup has provided me with superior service for years and I trust them with my most valuable client data. Anyone who believes data backup is simple, or believes that it doesn't require personalized customer service, is mistaken. Data backup, especially in server environments, is a complex undertaking. That's why I, as a consultant, need to know and trust the people behind the technology I recommend. I choose LionCage Backup because the company works as hard as I do to ensure my client data is protected. They understand how their product interacts with other products, and when I contact the company with questions, I'm dealing with someone I know who also invests in knowing me. That's invaluable. Moreover, I appreciate the company's efforts to develop innovative technologies anticipating my future needs. I can recommend LionCage Backup without reservation."

    Don G
    Flexible Financials

When we were thinking of a strong name that can represent strength and security we considered a number of options, some funny, some serious, some not relevant, however when our CEO brought up the name LionCage we all knew that was the answer. Lion represents strength while Cage represents both how we secure your data (server cage), as well as stored documents in our well protected, caged storage facilities and of course how we protect your shredded documents and drives.

LIONCAGE = strength & Security

When utilizing our services, whether it is via our external security solution "LionCageDefender" or via paper shredding, paper scanning, or online backup you can rest assured your data is protected by the LION!

Eli RoweCEO

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Eli Rowe, our CEO is a serial entrepreneur with an eye for starting and developing services technologies for emerging markets. Eli graduated Summa Cum Laude with a business degree from Touro College. As a commercial pilot, volunteer rescue paramedic and philanthropist, Eli is always on call to assist those in need. Residing in Queens, NY, nothing really makes Eli happier than spending time with his wife and two sweet daughters and hyperactive sons.

Moti MitteldorfCTO

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Moti Mitteldorf, Our CTO has an eye for online opportunities and has developed our online data backup and security applications as well as our respective websites. Moti went to college in New York, and lives and breathes IT and marketing trade shows. Moti works hard to give back to the community opportunities he was afforded and volunteers with organizations that help adults and children fighting terminal illnesses.

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